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About the Editor

If you have to explain things in writing, you’re a technical writer. Your job is to make sure people understand you the first time. Most people don’t have the patience to read something twice, so the first time is the only chance you’ll get.

The Editor can’t make you a good writer. But if you’re a conscientious writer trying to do your best, he can help you solve some of the tricky problems writers are always coming up against. That’s what an editor is for: to help make good writing better. Don’t confuse the Editor with stuffy English teachers or grammar snobs; he’s not one of those. The Editor is on your side.

This on-line magazine offers bits and pieces of advice on the problems that come up most frequently, illustrated with examples from the Editor’s famous Bad Examples file. (If you should happen to see something you wrote cited as one of the Bad Examples, don’t take it personally. Even the best writer goofs once in a while, and many of the Bad Examples come from the Editor’s own writing.)


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