Business as Usual at a New Address

The Editor has moved to


Well, the Editor spent several happy years at his old address, and on the whole the server at worked all right.

The problem is that free Web space is a magnet for scammers and malware pushers. Because of the dangers to gullible people and Windows users, Facebook has started blocking all sites on 000webhost domains, and Google seems to have eliminated them from search results. Of course, there have never been any dangers on this site, but the sledgehammer approach of domain blocking is much easier than the fine-toothed-comb approach of subdomain blocking.

Moving to means giving up complete control over the design of the site, but there’s no point in having a site that looks perfect if no one ever looks at it. Visitors have dropped from dozens a day to, on many days, zero.

Setting up shop at will make the Editor appear in Internet searches again, and Facebook will no longer warn you that you’ll kill your computer dead if you visit the site.

You could say that this is a victory for the terrorists. But the Editor prefers to think of it as a strategic realignment. He has no idea what that means, but it sounds clever.

(Note that this is a slightly altered version of the article that appeared on the old site announcing the move. From that the professional writer may learn a valuable lesson: don’t rewrite work you’ve already done if you can help it.)


A Good Word for

On New Year’s Day, the Editor tried to migrate this site to Almost as soon as the site was transferred, the front page was replaced by a notice: “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

Violation? It’s hard to imagine anything here being taken as offensive, and it’s certainly not what you would call a spam site. As it turns out, there was no real violation: the automated spam protection had flagged the site, but a human being looked at it and reinstated it. “We greatly apologize for this error,” said the human being.

Now, this is a free service—there are ways to spend money at, but this site doesn’t indulge in any of them. Nevertheless, human beings (who are quite expensive compared to computer programs) looked into the problem, sorted it out, apologized for the error, and got everything back in working order. For a free service, that’s pretty good.

Back on Line

After a brief hiatus caused by a faulty WordPress installation, the Editor is back on line. All the articles and comments are back where they belong, and the site now has its own unique theme custom-designed to be as dull as possible, so that you, the reader, will think only about the words. Think of it as a refuge from the constant assault of flashy visual clutter elsewhere on the Web.